Caller ID - Who Called Me attaches great importance to protecting your privacy. Before using the services or apps provided by Caller ID - Who Called Me, please read carefully the following statements.

In order to provide more accurate and well-targeted services, Caller ID - Who Called Me may use personal information submitted by you in the manners mentioned below; nevertheless, Caller ID - Who Called Me will treat such information with a high level duty of diligence. Without your permission, Caller ID - Who Called Me will not disclose such information or provide such information to any third party.

Protecting YOUR Privacy

It is Caller ID - Who Called Me’s principle to respect the privacy of the personal information of our users. Caller ID - Who Called Me will take reasonable measures to protect user’s personal information, without disclosing such information to any third party other than its Partners (without the consent of the user), unless such disclosure is (i) required by law, court order or competent government departments or (ii) agreed to by the user. Exceptions will be applied if the user selects to accept such disclosures during the registration process (where applicable), or is otherwise stipulated on the disclosure or use of a user’s personal information between the user and Caller ID - Who Called Me and its Partners. The user shall bear any risks that may arise from any authorized disclosure of a user’s personal information. For the operation and improvement of Caller ID - Who Called Me’s technologies and services, Caller ID - Who Called Me may collect and use the non-personal information of its users, or provide such information to third parties, in order to provide better user experience and improve the quality of our services.

User data collection

"User Data" means the information stored in your phone which is transmitted via your operating system and browser per access authority, and information you choose to be uploaded to the "Caller ID Service" upon your consent to the User Experience Optimization of "Caller ID Service" intended to improve and develop related services , including but not limited to your own phone number and search logs, the ID and location of the device you use in the "Caller ID Service", and the search log of the keywords you might use in the "Caller ID Service" and your purchase history in the Service. Meanwhile, in order to identify the Caller ID visitors visiting or accessing your device, you will have to submit your contact person list, favorites list and blacklist, in order to help the "Caller ID Service" provide feedback to you immediately for search and identification of the caller ID. "Caller ID" means the contents submitted via your choice (including but not limited to the information you submit to us voluntarily) and any other information you provide to Caller ID for the ID of a "Caller ID User". You agree that "the Company" may review and read the "Caller ID SMS Format" in your phone, in order to provide you with the information about the telecommunication operator which provides services to your caller. Said data will be displayed on the "Caller ID" in the form of your phone number, including but not limited to, your name, phone number and any other contact information you provide.

You agree that Caller ID, in accordance with the Caller ID Privacy Policy, may collect and use technical data such as Your IP address, device ID, usage data and related information, including but not limited to technical information about Your mobile device, system and application software, and peripherals, that is gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates, product support and other services to You related to the Caller ID Apps.

You further agree and guarantee that, if You have opted in to participate in the Enhanced Search functionality, we may collect, use and share certain information regarding the contacts contained in Your device's phone book ("Contact Information") with other Users in accordance with the Caller ID Privacy Policy in order to provide the Services. By allowing Contact Information to be collected, You give Caller ID a right to use that Contact Information as a part of the Service and you guarantee that you have any and all permissions required to share such Contact Information with us. You may opt-out to prevent the sharing of Contact Information at any time.

Caller ID may collect your personal information when you voluntarily opt to use our services, apps or provide us with your personal information. We may use your personal information to communicate with you, and may send certain mandatory service communications to you, such as notification, information on technical service issues, and security announcements. We may also occasionally send you product surveys or promotional mailings to inform you of other products or services available from Caller ID and its affiliates. Your download, installation and use of the software shall be deemed to constitute consent to our use of your personal information.

Subject to the choices You make upon registration and in Your settings at any time, we may use the information collected, as set out above, to provide You with location and interest based advertising, marketing messaging, information and services. We may also use the collected information to measure the performance of our advertising and marketing services. Furthermore, we may contact You for verification purposes or with information pertaining to the Services or special offers, e.g. newsletter e-mails, SMS and similar notifications about Caller ID’s and our business partners’ products and services. We also use the collected information to respond to you when you contact us.

In addition, your download, installation and use of products/service from Caller ID - Who Called Me and its affiliates, shall be deemed that you have expressly provided your consent to Caller ID - Who Called Me for disclosure of personal information to Caller ID - Who Called Me's partners and/or affiliates "Partners").

In the event you submit feedback to us via email, [email protected], we may collect and use certain of personal information you provide to us, including your e-mail address, which we may use to operate and improve our website and product(s)] and deliver the service or carry out improvements you have requested. These uses may include providing you with more effective customer service; making the sites, products or services easier to use.

User data usage

Provide smart caller ID, dialer and messaging functionality that, among other features, allow for population of unidentified numbers and other data in call or message logs, display the name associated with a certain number for incoming or outgoing calls and messages or following a manual number search against the Showcaller database.

Display the number associated with a certain name following a manual name search against the Caller ID database, subject to that name searches will only produce a number linked to the name if the number is available for search in a public database or relates to a User who has made his or her name available for search, provide Your information to the person You reach out to when requesting a contact via the Caller ID name search service, in which case Your request will be forwarded to that person via an SMS and he/she may choose whether or not to share the phone number with You at his/her own discretion.