Last Updated: October 16, 2020

Caller ID - Who Called Me attaches great importance to protecting your privacy. Before using the services or apps provided by Caller ID app, please read carefully the following statements. Caller ID app is firmly committed to the security and protection of the personal integrity of our users, their contacts, and Caller ID App’s service, as set forth herein.

In order to provide more accurate and well-targeted services, Caller ID - Who Called Me may use personal information submitted by you in the manners mentioned below; nevertheless, Caller ID - Who Called Me will treat such information with a high level duty of diligence. Without your permission, Caller ID - Who Called Me will not disclose such information or provide such information to any third party.


By downloading, installing, accessing and/or using the App you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy, including to the collection and processing of your Personal Information (as defined below). If you disagree to any term hereof, you may not download, install, access or use the App, and must promptly and permanently remove the App and any part thereof from your systems and devices, and cease any and all use thereof.


When You install and use the Services, Caller ID will collect personal information from You and any devices You may use in Your interaction with our Services. This information may include e.g.: Your IP address; device ID or unique identifier; device manufacturer and type; device and hardware settings; SIM card usage; applications installed on your device; ID for advertising; ad data, operating system; operator; connection information; screen resolution; usage statistics; default communication applications; access to device address book; device log and event information; logs, keywords and meta data of incoming and outgoing calls and messages; version of the Services You use and other information based on Your interaction with our Services such as how the Services are being accessed (via another service, web site or a search engine); content viewed by You, content You have commented on or sent to us and information about the ads You see and/or engage with; the search terms You use; order information and other usage activity and data logged by Caller ID App’s servers from time to time.

As to all other information above, we collect and process such information because it is necessary for our legitimate interests in conducting, developing and improving our business and meeting the needs of and improving the relationships with our current and prospective users. Some information, including, but not limited to, usage information and other information that may arise from Your interaction with the Services, cannot be used to identify You, whether in combination with other information or otherwise and will not constitute personal information for the purposes of this Policy.


Where the Caller ID applications are obtained from other sources than Apple App Store or Google Play, You may share the names, numbers, Google ID’s and email addresses contained in Your address book (“Contact Information”) with Caller ID App by enabling the Caller ID App Enhanced Search Functionality. Where the Caller ID Apps are obtained from Apple App Store or Google Play, we do not share any user Contact Information. In addition to Contact Information, if You choose to activate use of a third party service, such as social networks services, within the Services, Caller ID App may collect, store and use the list of identifiers associated with said services linked to the Contact Information in order to enhance the results shared with other Users.

Please Note: We will require to upload your Contact Information to our servers for the purpose of providing you with certain services within the App. We do not collect any Personal Information from you or related to you without your approval, which is obtained, inter alia, through your active acceptance to the EULA and the Privacy Policy.


Third party partners may engage with or be engaged by Caller ID App for commercialization purposes such as: using data for third party partners’ internal business needs and/ or for the provision of identity verification services and delivery of interest-based content and targeted and non-targeted advertisements to users, except where such use has been excluded by agreement with, or prohibited by, a Caller ID App partner (providing a Public Resources as defined above). We may share Collected Information with our partners such as name, postal address, email, or other identifier and may do so in non-human readable form. In addition, our partners may also collect information directly from user devices, such as IP address, device ID, information about browser or operating system, and depending on device settings. You may be able to control the personal information You allow us to have access to through the privacy settings on the respective third party service. We will never store any passwords created for any third party services.


You may provide us with various information in connection with Your interaction with our Services. For example, You may through tagging functionality associate a phone number, that is not registered in the Caller ID App database or belongs to a User, with a business or name and You may report a phone number as spam or some other attribute to be included in spam blocking directories. Caller ID may also from time to time offer You the opportunity to provide information on Your experience from using the Services or to participate in contests, surveys or other promotions. Caller ID will collect the information You provide in connection therewith, as well as any other information You provide through the Services or when You communicate or interact with us.


Caller ID App may use the personal information collected to provide, maintain, improve, analyze and personalize the Services to its Users, partners and third party providers. More specifically, Caller ID may use such information to:

3. Legal Bases

We collect, process and use your information for the purpose described in this Privacy Policy based on at least one of the following legal basis:

If you are in the EU, privacy laws require us to tell you the legal basis on which we process your Collected Information. You will find that information in this section, in italics. If you would like more information about the legal basis we use, or about the “legitimate interests” referred to, please contact us at: [email protected].

4. Opting Out

Users may opt out of the Service by uninstalling the Software from their device, either by choosing the uninstall option on the Software, or by using the software removal option of the operating system of their device.

Upon uninstalling the Software, we will no longer collect any further information, including Collected Information, from you through the Service, nor will we provide you with the Service, including with information via the Service pertaining to your Contacts or other third parties that initiate phone calls with you.

5. Retention, Rectification and Deletion of Collected Information

We may retain information only for the Retention Period, unless required otherwise to comply with any applicable legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirements.

If you find any of your information, including the Collected Information, to be inaccurate, you may contact us at any time by sending an email to: [email protected] and we will do our best to rectify your information as soon as practically possible.

If you wish to delete any of your Collected Information from our resources and/or servers, please send an email to: [email protected], and we will delete such Collected Information pursuant to applicable privacy law requirements. In such event, subject to applicable privacy laws, your information will be deleted or unlisted from our database. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if we are required to maintain certain information, including Collected Information, about you, we will comply with your deletion request after fulfilling any legal requirements. In addition, a copy of your information, generated by our automated computer archival back-up systems, may remain in our archives, even after the Retention Period, provided such copy will be stored securely and will not be displayed on our active database.

If you, any of your Contacts or any other person do not wish to have their names and phone numbers made available through Caller ID App’s functionalities, please send an email to: [email protected]. Once they are unlisted from the Service, Caller ID App will not search the Caller ID App platform for their phone number. However, their details may still be available through Public Resources.


We take commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security of the Service and the information you submit to the Service, including your Collected Information, and preventing unauthorized access to your information, including your Collected Information, through the use of industry-standard technologies and reasonable internal procedures, including transmitting your data using modern security measures such as encryption.

Information regarding the Users will be maintained, processed and stored by the Company and our authorized affiliates and service providers in Europe, USA, and India as necessary, in secured cloud storage provided by our Third-Party Services.

Although we make good faith efforts to store your information in a secure operating environment, we cannot guarantee security. We cannot be responsible for the acts of those who gain unauthorized access to or abuse our Service, and we make no warranty, express, implied or otherwise, that we will prevent such access. You understand that all information, including Collected Information, collected through our website or in connection with the Service is at your own risk and is subject to the provisions, disclaimers, and limitations of liability in both this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

7. Minors

To use the App, you must be over the age of thirteen (13). The Company does not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of thirteen (13) and does not wish to do so. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage so that we can verify that minors under the age of thirteen (13) are not using the App. In the event that it comes to our knowledge that a person under the age of thirteen (13) is using the App, we may prohibit and block such User from using the App and will make all efforts to promptly delete any Personal Information with respect to such User.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Caller ID App may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and such updated Privacy Policy will be effective as of the “Last Updated” date. If we make significant changes, we will make that clear on the app and/or on our website or by some other means of contact such as email, so that you can review the changes before you continue to use the Service.

9. Inquiries or Complaints

If you have any questions (or comments) concerning this Privacy Policy, you are welcome to send us an email at [email protected], and we will make an effort to reply within a reasonable time.